Our Story

We’ve embarked on a mission to redefine connectivity. Our high-speed internet service isn’t just about speed; it ignites limitless possibilities. We aim to amplify the voices of underserved communities and connect their aspirations to the world. Trust is the cornerstone of everything we do, meticulously crafting a customer experience that goes beyond expectations. With seamless connectivity and superior service, we eliminate valuable time people spend waiting and give them their time back to focus on what matters to them. This is PhireLink – providing communities the power to go beyond.

Our Company Values

We will build a more connected world – where opportunities are boundless, unconstrained by location, while ensuring that your support network stays close to home.

What Drives Us

Uphold Absolute Integrity

Cultivate trust through honesty, accountability and ethical conduct in all relationships and endeavors.

Prioritize Service to Others

Serve others as we would like to be served.

Commit to Excellence

Strive for greatness through a commitment to continuous improvement. Foster a culture of positivity and take ownership of your actions and responsibilities.

Our Promise

We will deliver the highest possible quality high-speed internet with a commitment to supporting and investing in the communities we serve. We pledge to provide an exceptional customer experience that surpasses expectations. Through our seamless and superior service, we aim to reduce time customers spend on hold, so they can spend time on what’s most important.

Our Core Principles

Innovate Wisely

Approach challenges thoughtfully and decisions for sustainable, long-term success.

Adapt Courageously

Demonstrate courage and adaptability in the face of challenges.

Collaborate Fairly

Foster fairness and inclusiveness.

Persevere Unwaveringly

Pursue objectives with focus and discipline.